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Hello everyone ! As you've probably noticed I've been doing a little comic strip for a while now called Tum-Tum & Gordy. It's all about a chubby turtle, a little fish, their friends and the cute stuff they're doing :) I post a new one every Monday & Thursday. Today was my 50th already ! Wow time flies but it's only the beginning I will do many many more ^_^

The comic strip on dA:…

I also have a Facebook page:…

Thanks you all for your support :)
  • Watching: The little girl who lives down the lane
  • Eating: Chinese food
I entered the cute monster design contest ! My monster is called Orenji and he eats oranges. If you like it go vote for it :D
  • Reading: 'The Breathing Method'
  • Watching: Howl's Moving Castle
  • Playing: DDR for PS3
  • Eating: Cherry frozen yogurt :P
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  • Watching: Waxwork
I just went back from a 3-days trip to the big city. It was awesome !! Hi five to all Deviant Members from NYC !! :)
  • Listening to: Roxette
  • Eating: Laffy Taffy